# Wording Status Date
20-262 Extending the local declaration of a state of emergency in response to the COVID-19 virus in Lewis County approved Aug. 3, 2020
20-263 Acceptance of agreement between Lewis County and Washington State Military Department for the 2019-20 Emergency Management Performance Supplemental Grant and authorizing signatures thereon approved Aug. 3, 2020
20-264 Approve an addendum to .09 (Distressed Counties) funding awarded to Winlock under Resolutions 19-099 and 11-254 approved Aug. 3, 2020
20-265 Appointment of Brian Thompson and Gary Gorremans to the Lewis County Noxious Weed Control Board approved Aug. 3, 2020
20-254 Call for bids for the Tucker Road Improvements Project, Federal Aid Project No. STPR-F212(001), Federal Contract No. TA-6968, F.A. Agreement No. LA 9901, County Road Project No. 2189-C. approved July 27, 2020
20-255 In the matter of warrants and/or payroll for payments of claims against various County departments approved July 27, 2020
20-256 Middle Fork Water and Sewer System Fund 4100 Authorizing a Cash Flow Loan from Capital Facilities Plan Fund No. 3100 approved July 27, 2020
20-257 Set Armed Security Officer wages approved July 27, 2020
20-258 Authorize the signature of Memorandum of Understanding between Lewis County Superior Court/ Lewis County District Court and the Southwest Washington Fairgrounds to provide safe, space for a social distancing jury selection of Lewis County residents during the COVID-19 pandemic approved July 27, 2020
20-259 Approve a contract for the Southwest Washington Fairgrounds Blue Restroom remodel approved July 27, 2020
20-245 Notice of Public Hearing and Declaration of the Board of County Commissioners to dissolve Dikage and Drainage District #1 for Lewis County pursuant to Chapter 36.96 RCW and directing the setting of a Public Hearing approved July 20, 2020
20-246 Notice of hearing for a franchise to PUD NO. 1 of COWLITZ COUNTY to install, construct, operate and maintain electrical facilities in Lewis County rights of way approved July 20, 2020
20-247 The temporary closure of Pleasant Valley Road to all through traffic approved July 20, 2020
20-248 In the matter of warrants and/or payroll for payments of claims against various County departments approved July 20, 2020
20-249 Resolution to authorize initial placements of casual administrative assistant senior to be placed on the current Lewis County Salary Grid (13 Step M Grid) for non-union extra help approved July 20, 2020
20-251 Adoption of the June 15, 2020, Lewis County Hazard Identification and Vulnerability Analysis as the hazard analysis and assessment of local threats for Lewis County approved July 20, 2020
20-252 Ratify a consultant supplement over $40,000 for Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Inc. approved July 20, 2020
20-253 The proposed acquisition of additional right of way for Highway 603, Chehalis approved July 20, 2020
20-233 Pertaining to competitive bidding: dispensing with advertisement and formal sealed bidding with respect to purchases and leases under twenty-five thousand ($25,000) dollars and notice of Lewis County vendor list and solicitation approved July 13, 2020