# Wording Status Date
24-078 The proposed vacation of an undeveloped right of way, being a continuation of undeveloped Beryl Road in Randle approved March 12, 2024
24-073 Ratify contract AHHG2024 with Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Inc. to provide annual hydrologic, hydraulic and geomorphic services approved March 5, 2024
24-074 Appoint Roger Moore to the Lewis County Planning Commission approved March 5, 2024
24-067 Notice of hearing regarding Ordinance 1354, which would add Chapter 8.80 Lewis County Code to regulate sterile needle and syringe exchanges operating in Lewis County and make violations of the chapter a civil infraction or a misdemeanor approved Feb. 27, 2024
24-068 Approval of warrants / payroll approved Feb. 27, 2024
24-069 Accept a bid on tax title property off of Elkhorn Drive, Packwood approved Feb. 27, 2024
24-070 Ratify a professional services agreement between PPC Solutions and Lewis County for the 2024 Law and Justice Center Security Services approved Feb. 27, 2024
24-071 Appoint members to the Distressed Counties (.09) Fund / Rural Economic Development Public Facilities Advisory Committee approved Feb. 27, 2024
24-062 Issue a Request for Qualifications for Architectural and Engineering Services Related to a Night-by-Night Shelter approved Feb. 20, 2024
24-063 Approval of Warrants/Claims Against the Various County Departments approved Feb. 20, 2024
24-064 Approve a Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement with the Lewis County Broadband Action Team approved Feb. 20, 2024
24-065 Approve a contract with HDR for work related to the Westside Connector Corridor project approved Feb. 20, 2024
24-066 Appoint Lilian Hale as temporary successor to 19th Legislative District State Representative Joel McEntire as provided under RCW 73.16.041 approved Feb. 20, 2024
24-054 Issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Public Safety Radio Equipment and Services approved Feb. 13, 2024
24-055 Issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Microwave Networking Equipment for Lewis County Public Safety Radio approved Feb. 13, 2024
24-056 Request for qualifications for Professional Airport Consultant Services to complete Environmental Assessments for the Toledo and Packwood airports approved Feb. 13, 2024
24-057 Publish a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Hydraulic Engineering Services for the Sargent Road MP 1.33 Bridge Scour Project, CRP 2159N, Federal Aid Project No. BHOS-2021(070) approved Feb. 13, 2024
24-058 Approval of warrants / payroll for payments of claims against various county offices and departments approved Feb. 13, 2024
24-059 Designate Lewis County representatives on the Washington Counties Risk Pool approved Feb. 13, 2024