# Wording Status Date
20-414 Appoint Trent Richardson to the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee approved Nov. 16, 2020
20-415 Adoption of the 2021-2026 Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and 2021 Annual Construction Program (ACP) approved Nov. 16, 2020
20-392 In the matter of warrants and/or payroll for payments of claims against various County departments approved Nov. 9, 2020
20-393 Approving a Memorandum of Understanding between Lewis County Division of Emergency Management and the Lewis County Search and Rescue (SAR) Council in order to file for fuel reimbursement on behalf of SAR's members approved Nov. 9, 2020
20-394 Declaration of surplus personal property approved Nov. 9, 2020
20-395 Authorize a contract between Lewis County and Ouellette construction to replace the Eyebrow Roof Support Structure at the Fairgrounds approved Nov. 9, 2020
20-396 The proposed vacation of a portion of the Loren LaBree Road No. 328 approved Nov. 9, 2020
20-397 Approve the Solid Waste Management Waste Reduction and Recycling Education Agreement No. SWMWRRED-2021-LeCSWU-00053 with the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) approved Nov. 9, 2020
20-398 Appointment of member to the Lewis County Solid Waste Advisory Committee and setting terms thereof approved Nov. 9, 2020
20-399 Approving Memorandum of Understanding between Northwest Pediatric Center and Lewis County to provide COVID-19 Testing approved Nov. 9, 2020
20-400 Approve commitment of funds to Reliable Enterprises for their Phase II Project approved Nov. 9, 2020
20-401 Approve Criminal Justice Treatment Account Work Plan between Lewis County and Health Care Authority approved Nov. 9, 2020
20-402 Approving an Agreement with Lewis County Department of Emergency Management in partnership with Fire Districts within Lewis County approved Nov. 9, 2020
20-403 Appoint Jill Van Hulle as an alternate on the Lewis County Water Conservancy Board approved Nov. 9, 2020
Recognizing November 11, 2020, as Veterans Day approved Nov. 9, 2020
20-380 Lewis County preliminary budget for 2021, and noticeĀ of public meeting thereon approved Nov. 2, 2020
20-381 Notice of Public Hearing for the proposed 2021 Annual Construction Program (ACP) and Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for the years 2021-2026 approved Nov. 2, 2020
20-382 Accepting a bid on tax title property located off Cedar Court, Winlock approved Nov. 2, 2020
20-383 Notice of hearing regarding a franchise to PUD No. 1 of Thurston County to install, construct, operate, and maintain water line facilities in Lewis County rights of way approved Nov. 2, 2020
20-384 Notice of hearing regarding a franchise to Boistfort Valley Water to install, construct, operate, and maintain water line facilities in Lewis County rights of way approved Nov. 2, 2020