# Wording Status Date
Ord 1339 Ordinance 1339, which expands the Recycling Service Area 1 (RSA-1) for Curbside Recycling and amends Ordinances 1136, 1136A, 1157, and 1196 approved Jan. 31, 2023
23-021 In the matter of warrants and/or payroll for payments of claims against various County departments approved Jan. 24, 2023
23-022 Approve post-execution ratification of a memorandum of understanding between Lewis County Department of Emergency Management and Lewis County Risk Management for Safety Officer services approved Jan. 24, 2023
23-023 Declaration of surplus personal property approved Jan. 24, 2023
23-024 Approve Amendment 18 between Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office and Lewis County, acting as Fiscal Agent for the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority approved Jan. 24, 2023
23-025 Approval of a Twelfth Supplement Agreement between SBGH Partners, LLC and Lewis County approved Jan. 24, 2023
23-026 Approve Consolidated Contract #CLH31017 Amendment 10 between Lewis County and the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) approved Jan. 24, 2023
23-027 Reappoint Roger Morningstar and appoint Barbara Russell as regular members of the Veterans’ Advisory Board (VAB) through June 30, 2024 approved Jan. 24, 2023
23-028 Increase and expand Veterans benefits approved Jan. 24, 2023
23-029 Appoint Commissioner Scott J. Brummer to the Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board approved Jan. 24, 2023
23-030 Request that the Washington State Transportation Commission rename the Riffe Lake Overlook in Gary Stamper's honor approved Jan. 24, 2023
23-012 Notice of Public Hearing for the proposed 2023 Annual Construction Program (ACP) and Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for the years 2023-2028 approved Jan. 17, 2023
23-013 Notice of hearing regarding Ordinance 1339, which would expand Curbside Recycling Countywide and amend Ordinances 1136, 1136a, 1136b, 1157, and 1196 approved Jan. 17, 2023
23-014 Notice of hearing to adopt Ordinance 1342 to amend Ordinance 1337 approved Jan. 17, 2023
23-015 In the matter of warrants and/or payroll for payments of claims against various County departments approved Jan. 17, 2023
23-016 Cancellation of delinquent personal property and mineral rights taxes from the tax collection system approved Jan. 17, 2023
23-017 Approve a contract for hiring of 911 Telecommunicators with Express Employment Professionals approved Jan. 17, 2023
23-018 Declaration of surplus vehicles and equipment approved Jan. 17, 2023
23-019 Prohibiting the download, use, and access of TikTok on Lewis County electronic devices and on Lewis County networks approved Jan. 17, 2023
23-020 Approve Contract Amendment #5 between Lewis County and Thurston County for Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) Services for 2023 approved Jan. 17, 2023