# Wording Status Date
21-145 In the matter of warrants and/or payroll for payments of claims against various County departments. approved April 13, 2021
21-146 A Resolution approving the Deschutes Basin Watershed Management Plan in response to the 2018 Streamflow Restoration Action (RCW 90.94) approved April 13, 2021
21-147 Bond transaction removal of 2015 bond refunding as previously approved resolutions (20-452) and (21-055) due to lack of favorable market conditions at bond closing approved April 13, 2021
21-148 Establishment of the Debt Service Fund: 2021 Debt Service Fund 2210 approved April 13, 2021
21-149 Establishment of the Capital Project Fund: 2021 Construction Fund - General Government Facility Fund No. 3250. approved April 13, 2021
21-150 Establishment of the Capital Project Fund: 2021 Construction Fund - Juvenile Justice Center Fund No. 3200 approved April 13, 2021
21-151 Approve Agreement between Lewis County and The Salvation Army to provide case management and homeless prevention services approved April 13, 2021
21-152 Approving an Interlocal Agreement between Lewis County and City of Centralia regarding work by county crews and authorizing signatures thereon approved April 13, 2021
21-153 Approval of consultant supplements over $50,000 for the Annual Hydrologic, Hydraulic, and Geomorphic consultant contract with Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Inc. approved April 13, 2021
21-154 Authorizing Application for a Community Development Block Grant General Purpose Grant from the State Department of Commerce and Assigning the Director of Public Works as the Authorized Representative. approved April 13, 2021
21-155 Ratifying consultant agreement and supplements over $50,000 for the Annual Structural Engineering Services contract with Tran Tech Engineering, LLC. approved April 13, 2021
21-156 Resolution to Authorize Initial Placements on New Salary Grid for the Association of Lewis County Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys approved April 13, 2021
21-157 Lewis County 2021 budget, emergency and supplemental appropriations to and transfers within current expense and other funds. approved April 13, 2021
Proclamation recognizing April 11-17, 2021, as National Public Safety Telecommunications Week -- see the attached. approved April 13, 2021
Proclaim April 2021 as County Government Month. -- see the attached approved April 13, 2021
21-126 Publication of 2020 County Forces road construction projects and costs approved April 6, 2021
21-127 Publishing of Lewis County's On-Call Consultant Roster and appoint the Public Works Director as approving authority for category changes approved April 6, 2021
21-128 Call for bids for the material purchase of a precast concrete split box culvert for future installation approved April 6, 2021
21-129 In the matter of warrants and/or payroll for payments of claims against various County departments approved April 6, 2021
21-130 Authorization for the Director of IT Services to execute the renewal of an Enterprise Agreement with Insight, a Washington state contracted reseller for Microsoft Corporation licenses. approved April 6, 2021