# Wording Status Date
20-248 In the matter of warrants and/or payroll for payments of claims against various County departments approved July 20, 2020
20-249 Resolution to authorize initial placements of casual administrative assistant senior to be placed on the current Lewis County Salary Grid (13 Step M Grid) for non-union extra help approved July 20, 2020
20-251 Adoption of the June 15, 2020, Lewis County Hazard Identification and Vulnerability Analysis as the hazard analysis and assessment of local threats for Lewis County approved July 20, 2020
20-252 Ratify a consultant supplement over $40,000 for Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Inc. approved July 20, 2020
20-253 The proposed acquisition of additional right of way for Highway 603, Chehalis approved July 20, 2020
20-233 Pertaining to competitive bidding: dispensing with advertisement and formal sealed bidding with respect to purchases and leases under twenty-five thousand ($25,000) dollars and notice of Lewis County vendor list and solicitation approved July 13, 2020
20-234 Notice of Public Hearing and proposed action to ratify Ordinance 1319, lifting a moratorium upon certain building permits within the boundaries of Middle Fork Water-Sewer System - formally known as Water-Sewer District #5 approved July 13, 2020
20-235 In the matter of warrants and/or payroll for payments of claims against various County departments approved July 13, 2020
20-236 Authorizing the sale, issuance and delivery of not to exceed $2,100,000 of the County’s limited tax general obligation refunding bond, series 2020, to Columbia Bank, to the County’s outstanding limited tax general obligation refunding bonds, series 2009; providing for the date, form, terms, maturities, redemption provisions and designation of the bond; authorizing the execution of a refunding trust agreement for use in the payment of the refunded bonds; authorizing the purchase of certain government obligations; providing for the call, payment and redemption of the refunded bonds; pledging the County’s full faith, credit and resources to the payment of the bond; creating and adopting certain funds and accounts and providing for deposits therein; authorizing the Chair or the Treasurer to execute the purchase offer; providing for registration and authentication of the bond; covenanting to comply with certain federal tax laws; and providing for other matters properly relating thereto approved July 13, 2020
20-237 Terminating the franchise as approved by Resolution 06-018 for Water-Sewer District No. 5 as no agreement is necessary for County facilities approved July 13, 2020
20-238 Listing of bids and contractor selected for the Mickelsen Parkway Project, CRP 2121 approved July 13, 2020
20-239 Appointing Frank Corbin as a regular member to the Veterans’ Advisory Board (VAB) through June 30, 2021 approved July 13, 2020
20-240 Approve contract amendment between Lewis County and Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), to add funds and extend timeline approved July 13, 2020
20-241 Approving a grant agreement with the Providence Health Care Foundation/Centralia for COVID-19 testing capabilities using Coronavirus Relief Funds approved July 13, 2020
20-242 Approve Awarding Chemical Dependency-Mental Health-Therapeutic Courts (CD-MH-TC) .1 of 1% Sales and Use Tax Funds to Cascade Community Healthcare approved July 13, 2020
20-243 Selection of DELTAWRX for the 911 Consolidation Feasibility Study approved July 13, 2020
20-244 Approve a Boundary Line Adjustment between Lewis County Property and an adjacent property on Center Street, Chehalis, WA approved July 13, 2020
1318 Approving an Amendment to Chapter 18.10 LCC - Public Works Fee Schedule approved July 6, 2020
20-226 The temporary closure of King Road to all through traffic approved July 6, 2020