# Wording Status Date
20-027 The necessary acquisition of additional right of way for Snyder Road, Packwood approved Jan. 27, 2020
20-028 Call for bids for the material purchase of a precast concrete slab/girder bridge (cousins rd mp 3.15, CMP 1502) approved Jan. 27, 2020
20-029 A franchise to Woden LLC to operate and maintain telecommunications facilities in Lewis County rights of way approved Jan. 27, 2020
20-030 In the matter of warrants and/or payroll for payments of claims against various County departments approved Jan. 27, 2020
20-031 Cancellation of Delinquent Personal Property & Mineral Rights Taxes From the Tax Collection System approved Jan. 27, 2020
20-032 Accepting a grant for the restoration and preservation of the Historic Lewis County Courthouse approved Jan. 27, 2020
20-033 Accepting a grant from the Washington State Department of Agriculture Fairs Program, Capital Project Grant toward a remodel of the main restrooms on the Southwest Washington Fairgrounds approved Jan. 27, 2020
20-034 Appoint Donna Moody to the Lewis County Citizens' Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials (Salary Commission) approved Jan. 27, 2020
20-035 Appointing Josh Metcalf as the Director of Emergency Management approved Jan. 27, 2020
20-036 Closing Columbia Bank Petty Cash Fund ending in 0913 created by Resolution 99-304 for $500.00 approved Jan. 27, 2020
20-037 Approving a Recreation Grant Agreement between Tacoma Power and Lewis County for the Cowlitz River Public Access Point Project, Alta Drive MP .045 to .055, Packwood approved Jan. 27, 2020
20-038 Emergency Establishment of Gross Tonnage Limits on Frase Road Bridge No. 200 approved Jan. 27, 2020
20-039 Listing of bids and contractor selected for The Undercarriage Spray Wash Project No. 90-17F509100443C, FEMA Project No. 4309 PW 238 approved Jan. 27, 2020
20-040 Resolution to Approve a Collective Bargaining Agreement Between Lewis County & Teamsters 252 Representing the Sheriff's Office Corrections Sergeants for Calendar Years 2020-2022 approved Jan. 27, 2020
20-007 Notice of a public hearing and proposed action to renew a moratorium upon certain permits within the rural and resource lands of Lewis County and directing the setting of a public hearing. approved Jan. 13, 2020
20-008 Notice of hearing for an ordinance authorizing a sales and use tax for affordable and supportive housing in accordance with Substitute House Bill 1406 (Chapter 338, Laws of 2019) and other matters related. approved Jan. 13, 2020
20-009 In the matter of warrants and/or payroll for payments of claims against various County departments approved Jan. 13, 2020
20-010 Approval of Amendments 12 and 13 between Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office and Lewis County, acting as Fiscal Agent for the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority, as well as, authorization for the Director of Community Development to sign the same on behalf of Lewis County approved Jan. 13, 2020
20-011 Approval of a Ninth Supplement Agreement between SBGH Partners, LLC and Lewis County approved Jan. 13, 2020