# Wording Status Date
20-305 Approve Memorandum of Understanding between the Lewis County Board of County Commissioners identifying Bethel Church as a temporary alternate location to conduct Lewis County Government business under emergency circumstances that may disrupt normal government operations approved Aug. 31, 2020
20-306 Adoption of the August 2020, Lewis County Board of County Commissioners Continuity of Government Plan as an Annex to the Lewis County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan approved Aug. 31, 2020
20-307 Extending the local declaration of a state of emergency in response to the COVID-19 virus in Lewis County approved Aug. 31, 2020
20-308 Authorizing the Cancellation of Uncollectable Debt from Delinquent Process Fees due to the Civil Division of the Lewis County Sheriff's Office approved Aug. 31, 2020
20-309 Approving a grant agreement with United Way for installation services, connection fees to facilitate distance learning and telework capabilities. approved Aug. 31, 2020
20-310 Accepting funds from the Washington Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) through Coronavirus Aid, relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) for Courtroom upgrades approved Aug. 31, 2020
20-311 Approving a franchise to LIGHTSPEED NETWORKS, INC. to install, construct, operate and maintain telecommunication facilities in Lewis County road rights of way approved Aug. 31, 2020
9/11 remembrance approved Aug. 31, 2020
National Suicide Prevention Week, Sept. 6-12 approved Aug. 31, 2020
9-1-1 Day approved Aug. 31, 2020
20-289 In the matter of warrants and/or payroll for payments of claims against various County departments approved Aug. 24, 2020
20-290 The proposed vacation of a portion of the Theo. Hoss Road No.132 approved Aug. 24, 2020
20-291 Authorizing the Director of Information Technology Services to execute a purchase order with Ednetics and Cisco approved Aug. 24, 2020
20-292 Adoption of the August 12, 2020, Hydrological Drought PlanĀ as an Annex to the Lewis County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan approved Aug. 24, 2020
20-293 Appointment of Frank Corbin to the Lewis County Planning Commission approved Aug. 24, 2020
20-294 Approving contract amendment between Lewis County and Community Action Council of Lewis, Mason, & Thurston Counties approved Aug. 24, 2020
20-295 Approve Amendment for CJTA Funded Treatment and Recovery Support Services between Washington Health Care Authority and Lewis County approved Aug. 24, 2020
20-296 Approve amendment between Salvation Army and Lewis County to extend duration and add funding for the Homeless Shelter and Isolation & Quarantine Facility approved Aug. 24, 2020
20-297 Approve a .09 ("Distressed Counties") grant agreement with the Port of Chehalis for the Tenant Improvement Package project approved Aug. 24, 2020
20-298 Approving a grant agreement with Breeze LLC for enhancement to wireless systems in rural Lewis County to enable distance learning and teleworking using Coronavirus Relief Funds approved Aug. 24, 2020