# Wording Status Date
19-344 A Resolution approving an addendum to the Nisqually Watershed Management Plan in response to the 2018 Streamflow Restoration Action (RCW 90.94) approved Nov. 25, 2019
19-345 Approving the 5-year Housing and Homeless Strategic Plan as required from the Department of Commerce to identify homeless housing needs and develop goals and objectives to address those needs approved Nov. 25, 2019
19-346 Appoint Rachel Wood, MD, MPH as Lewis County Health Officer; and approve an agreement employing Rachel Wood, MD, MPH in such capacity approved Nov. 25, 2019
19-327 Amending Lewis County Code 2.40.050 Standard 3 to update caseload limits to match Washington Court Rules Standards for Indigent Defense, pursuant to RCW 10.101.030, and directing the setting of a public hearing. approved Nov. 18, 2019
19-328 A franchise for Olympic Pipeline Company LLC, a Delaware Corporation, operated by BP Pipelines North America to construct, operate, and maintain a pipeline system for the purpose of transmission of petroleum and petroleum products in County rights of way approved Nov. 18, 2019
19-329 Lewis County budget for 2020, and Notice of Hearings Thereon approved Nov. 18, 2019
19-331 Re-appointment of Bob Whannell to the Lewis County Planning Commission approved Nov. 18, 2019
19-332 Re-appointment of Jeff Millman to the Lewis County Planning Commission approved Nov. 18, 2019
19-333 Re-appointment of Stephen Hueffed to the Lewis County Planning Commission approved Nov. 18, 2019
19-334 Approving an Intergovernmental Cooperative Agreement between Lewis County and the United States Geological Service approved Nov. 18, 2019
19-335 Executing a contract with the State Department of Commerce to fund a Condition Assessment Planning Project for the Vader-Enchanted Valley Water System approved Nov. 18, 2019
19-336 Executing a contract with the State Department of Commerce to fund Phase II of the Lewis County Fire District #3 fire station construction project approved Nov. 18, 2019
19-337 Executing a contract with the Department of Ecology to fund the construction of Water Stations for emergency use in Lewis County. approved Nov. 18, 2019
19-338 Listing of Bids and Contractor selected for the Lewis County 2020 Rock Proposal approved Nov. 18, 2019
19-339 Adoption of the 2020-2025 Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and 2020 Annual Construction Program (ACP). approved Nov. 18, 2019
1308 Proposed action to enacted Ordinance No. 1308 renewing the moratorium upon certain building permits within the boundaries of Water-Sewer District #5 approved Nov. 4, 2019
19-313 Notice of public hearing and declaration of the Board of County Commissioners to amend Ordinance 1239 relating to Emergency Management declaring the Board of County Commissioners as the political subdivision in charge of Emergency Management, authorized to create a Division of Emergency Management and appoint its Director and to direct the setting of a public hearing. approved Nov. 4, 2019
19-314 Notice of Public Hearing for the proposed 2020 Annual Construction Program (ACP) and Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for the years 2020-2025 approved Nov. 4, 2019
19-315 Request for Proposals to perform groundwater monitoring services at County Road Central Shop and Mossyrock Police Station. approved Nov. 4, 2019